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Is Gmail getting recalibrated?


Is Gmail getting recalibrated?

Google’s mailing client Gmail to get new design which will be rolled out very soon. Gmail will embrace certain features which are presently available in inbox by Gmail; the first look of the new design will be ready in few weeks.  

Android Authority reports that Gmail will be updated with Google’s current design standards.  Gmail will roll out features like Smart Reply and email snooze toggles. A plugin app will make its appearance with speedy access to other G Suite apps such as Google Calendar and Keep.

The tasks category will be refashioned and this update is expected to bring a refreshed UI equipped with Google's Material Design. The user can select three UI options from Default shows attachment previews in a mail, Comfortable that displays just the paperclip icon, and Compact which curtails vertical whitespace around the text.

Some reports reveal that Gmail will support some major chrome extensions post redesigned experience. The Google application is also getting new features for Google Home and Google Assistant.

The Smart Reply feature is the same on mobile as it is on the web which provides suggestions to reply swiftly to emails. The new snooze feature assists you to remove emails from inbox temporarily so that you can avoid them until you are ready to reply. Snooze and Smart Reply are both currently part of Google’s Inbox app for Gmail, and both features are now making their way to Gmail on the web.

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