Alexa to provide digital assistance to your office software
logo to provide digital assistance to your office software

Software to provide digital assistance to your office software is raising money to introduce AI technology that will assist the office software digitally. In its series A round of funding, it drew $8.4 million from a Midwest channel of angel and private investors.

For an employee in a multi-national company environment, going through old files is a very arduous process; tries to end this very problem. David Karandish, ex-CEO of thought of, an AI embedded platform, which registers data assembled from the cloud storage providers, teams and more, serving as an inventory of data. Using, an employee will be able to search the mass compilation of data using simple language from the existing records of the firm. provides service in two parts. Its backend mines for information from email and calendar apps like Gmail and Exchange, CRM software like Salesforce and Oracle’s NetSuite, HIRS like ADP and Sage, service desk platforms like Zendesk and ServiceNow, and cloud drive providers like Box and OneDrive. Its other part is a chatbot which has a natural processing that integrates with messaging apps such as Slack and Skype. has the ability to improve over-time which is the stand out feature of this AI platform, thanks to its CoPilot feature. The goal of the system is to over time learn to answer certain questions that initially it did not have answers to, so will get more informed with time and provide better assistance.



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