Now it is simple to make calls on Google Home


Now it is simple to make calls on Google Home

Did you know how simple it is to make phone calls on Google Home or Google Home Mini? Well, you may be baffled what I am talking about? Call and on Google home? Yes you heard it right!

This service was available to UK since March 7th. We will explain you how to make calls in a few simple steps…

  • You just have to say this before calling- “Okay Google, call (contact).”
  • When you are done then say- “Okay Google, hang up.”

There are a couple of things to note. Firstly, you can call UK land phone or cell phones but you are not allowed to make emergency calls or call premium numbers.

Secondly, multiple users can be detected by Google Home but only those who are in your Google contacts not your partner or any family members.

Lastly, Google Home does not use your phone network for any calls, so it’s difficult for your recipient to identify you are calling them.   

You just have to open Google Home app, go to Settings, calls on Speakers, choose Edit under Your linked services, click Add or change phone number, then enter your mobile number.

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