Microsoft Family Safety app gives you advanced parental controls


Microsoft Family Safety app gives you advanced parental controls

The Internet is a vast place with very limited censorship. Children using the internet are susceptible to discover the darker side of the web. Many times Parents want to restrict them from the internet, but not allowing them to use the internet altogether is practically impossible. Blocking access to specific sites, keywords, etc. are also not possible with so many websites, games, and services launching every day.

Microsoft Family Safety, the parental control app, which was introduced as a preview, has been made available to everyone. The App gives parents more control over their child’s devices and can keep a hold on the time they spend on their devices. It is available for both Android and iOS. Parents and kids, receive an email with highlights of the child’s digital activity, every week. This is a great way to keep control of the kids and starting a conversation with kids about how much time they are spending on their devices and what websites and content they are viewing.

Microsoft Family Safety is accessible via both the mobile app and through the web. The weekly reports include activity summaries, push alerts, automated screen time requests and authorizations filter a variety of content, and provides a map showing where loved ones are located using a location sharing feature.

Microsoft commits that it does not or share the location and drive data with insurance companies and that it takes steps to protect the data, which can provide quite a bit of insight on a person over time. The apps are free to download and install now. Microsoft also has plans to add additional features in the future.

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