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Microsoft makes Google Chrome run better on Windows


Microsoft makes Google Chrome run better on Windows

Whenever you install Chrome on your Windows OS, Microsoft surely pops up notifications and warnings to steer you clear from installing the web browser. But things are certainly changing now as Microsoft has a new reason to support Chrome and make it run better on Windows.

The reason? Microsoft announced that it is moving to the Chromium rendering engine for Edge. In an open letter from Microsoft to the Chromium open-source community, Microsoft said: “We will offer our Windows platform expertise to improve the experience of all Chromium-based browsers on Windows.”

Since Microsoft will be joining hands in the Chromium project, the Chrome web browser will definitely find improvements and software upgrades to run smoothly on Windows. However, since Microsoft is teaming up with Chromium doesn’t mean that it’ll be sharing its codes freely. But, if it does make any changes to the Edge, it will benefit Chrome as well.

Microsoft’s commitment to Chromium is a new change in the pathway of web browsing. “We welcome the opportunity to partner with the Chromium community in the areas of battery life, touch, accessibility, security, and other areas of mutual interest,” the open letter stated.

If you’re thinking about what’s the whole purpose of Edge once Chrome gets its due, Microsoft still hasn’t figured that out completely. But it certainly is working on Edge in ties with Chromium.  

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