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Cortana is seamlessly integrated with Skype, whether you like it or not


Cortana is seamlessly integrated with Skype, whether you like it or not

Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, has come to Skype. The integration was announced way back in the previous Microsoft Build 2016 Event. Now, the feature is all set. It offers users in-context assistance during their chats, as well as the option to message Cortana directly to ask questions or get help with a number of other tasks.

This isn’t the first time where a virtual assistant is integrated with a messaging application. We have Facebook with its assistant in Messenger and Google with its assistant in Allo. So now, you have Cortana popping up beneath the most recent message and put in an attempt to help you to create a reminder or look up your contact and more.

Reply Smartly

Interestingly, there are even smart replies! Apart from the questions that Cortana is going to pop up based on your chats, quick responses in a smart way are also part of the integration. Replies like, “Yes!” or “Sure” and a bunch of other such replies you can select with a tap to save you from typing.

The Smart Replies seems to be a useful addition to the feature. They come as an upgraded version of a keyboard app’s phrase suggestion. But, how many users are really going to appreciate a bot butting in automatically? That remains an unanswered question. 

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