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Microsoft's Pre-Release Build Of Windows 10X Resembles Chrome OS


Microsoft's Pre-Release Build Of Windows 10X Resembles Chrome OS

Microsoft has released its pre-release build of Windows 10X, which looks like Microsoft's answer to Google Chrome OS. The Windows 10X was earlier aimed at dual-screen devices. It will target ultraportable laptops and not replace the primary Windows 10 already used by the masses. The biggest issue with Windows 10X is that it doesn't support any legacy Windows app yet, which means you are limited to apps from the Microsoft Store and web apps.

Windows 10X has a highly-revamped interface, starting with its most distinctive feature - the updated taskbar. The taskbar has icons relocated to the center, where you can select and choose what you want on your taskbar. The file manager has also been simplified. File Explorer has been designed to browse your OneDrive files by default, but you can also browse your local storage and sync files between your local and online storage.

Windows 10X uses both Web and Win UI components, making the operating system look different compared to the current Windows 10. Microsoft has also removed the 'system tray' from the taskbar, and Action Center can now be used to change the volume and brightness. The approach is very much like ChromeOS, and Microsoft has also removed the legacy components from Windows 7-era. This means you cannot access the Registry Editor, Group Policy Editor, Control Panel, Windows Run, and Task Manager too. Windows 10X will be available as a pre-installed OS on Microsoft devices coming later this year.

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