Search and Maps are added to Google's My Business App


Search and Maps are added to Google's My Business App

My Business app started by Google in 2014 is a free tool that helps in businesses visibility across Google. It will provide a tool that can update your organization profile, create a website and connect to your customers from computer, tablet, and phone.

Google upgraded its My Business app so that users can share information regarding their business and the areas they serve through Search and Maps, elevating the chances of visibility. Tom Pritchard, Product Lead, mentioned in a blog post that this update can be of great help to businesses in connecting to its potential customers in their service areas and also aid customers in fulfilling their requirements.

Another way to grab customers’ attention is by posting your company’s products photos­— showing your business uniqueness, you can add as many as you want.

Service areas will vary from business to business, to get the address more accurate; users can add the cities they live in or their postal codes. New users will be taught the setup process and the already users can change their business information whenever they want to from the app dashboard.

Pritchard said, “You'll notice that the 'service area' and 'storefront address' can now be edited separately and if an address isn't applicable to your business, you can easily clear it.”

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