Alexa New update on Google Docs makes it easier to collaborate
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New update on Google Docs makes it easier to collaborate


New update on Google Docs makes it easier to collaborate

A set of features are a part of the new feature that Google has updated on Docs, Sheets and Slides. Most of the updates focus on collaboration along with new editing tools, making it a smart improvement. The feature also includes Google Cloud Search and add-ons from Google partners like LegalZoom, DocuSign and LucidChart.

Edit Updates

The new update intends to improve how people are updated about multiple, recent edits. Google has added ‘clean’ version of any document to indicate that there aren’t any edit marks on it. It also allows the user to see all the team edits through ‘version history’. By accessing the Tools Menu, the user can select to preview the document as it would look with all the edits wither accepted or rejected. This makes the reading experience simple for anyone looking at the document for the first time.

 Earlier, document sharing would take place through emails. To ensure that everyone were on the same page the file’s name would be changed for different versions of their Word or Excel docs. With the new update, that would not be required anymore. Google Doc Sheets and Slides allow the users to track changes by saving multiple versions of the document with different names.

Search the Clouds

The update integrates Google Cloud Search in Docs and Slides. This means that Business and Enterprise users can quickly find the right information from their internal documents, without having to leave the editor. Earlier, in order to search, users had to specifically to Cloud Search to look for documents. But now one cans search for them within Docs and Slides.  

The new update was much needed for G-Suite. The popularity of Docs, Sheets and Slides may increase with this too, along with coming in competition from Microsoft Office.

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