Alexa Photography ‘Appsperiments' by Google
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Photography ‘Appsperiments' by Google


Photography ‘Appsperiments' by Google

There’s a new word that’s trending: ‘appsperiments’. Appsperiments are the latest thing that Google is offering. These are three new photography applications. As a part of the appsperiments program, Google is launching these photography apps: Storyboard, Selfissimo! and Scrubbies. Google says these are the first wave of the appsperiments and users can expect more of these experimental apps in the future.


This app is available only for Android devices. Storyboard takes video clips and automatically pulls out six frames which it lays out in a comic book-style template. Users can refresh the app to open new layouts and frames. Google says there are nearly 1.6 trillion combinations.


Selfissimo! is an automated black-and-white booth on your phone. In this, once you tap the screen to start a shoot, Selfissimo! will snap a picture every time you pose. This means, every time you move around and pose for a picture, Selfissimo! will go on clicking. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.


Scrubbies lets you remix videos. With a DJ style in the app, users can quickly remix videos by moving front and back. The front and back movement creates a video loop. This app is currently available only for iOS devices.

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