Quorum Software expands partnership with the Open Group OSDU Forum


Quorum Software expands partnership with the Open Group OSDU Forum

Quorum Software, the world leader in digital transformation for the energy industry, has announced its expansion of partnership with The Open Group OSDU Forum and participating in the OSDU Data Platform Mercury Release. Thiswill allow the company to liberate data, enabling new workflows, and taking advantage of emerging digital technologies that closely align with Quorum's industry vision and product strategy.Quorum Software is the world's largest digital technology provider focused on business workflows empowering the next energy revolution.

"We are pleased to have Quorum for further its work with the OSDU Forum. Like The Open Group, standards organizations need active collaboration from application vendors like Quorum to help solve the toughest industry challenges. As outlined in our press release today, the OSDU Data Platform can help the energy industry move innovation forward," said Johan Krebbers, VP, IT Innovation, Shell Lead of the OSDU Management Committee.

Initiatives like the OSDU willimprove Quorum's vision and the long-term value it delivers to customers. Quorum is looking to be ahead with its leadership and data workflows established by Aucerna and EnergyIQ. With OSDU-compliant data, Quorum will bring rapid innovation to the energy industry made possible by integrating data and workflows into 360-degree operationalized plans.To support the adoption of the Mercury Release, Quorum has worked with AWS to create a platform to help OSDU members test their new standard implementations. The company is also equipped to deliver a pre-populated partnership with cloud partners like AWS.

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