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ScaleArc adds support for Microsoft Azure SQL Database


ScaleArc adds support for Microsoft Azure SQL Database

ScaleArc has announced that it has upgraded its software and integrated its ScaleArc for SQL Server software with Microsoft Azure SQL Database. The company is one of the world’s top providers in load balancing softwares for databases.

According to the company, customers of Microsoft Azure Cloud Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) software can now benefit from the seamless scale out, faster application performance, and high availability features of the ScaleArc software and consequently, dude to the enhancement, take advantage of the flexibility and simplicity of Azure SQL Database with no application code changes.

“Azure SQL Database offers a level of simplicity and ease of administration that dramatically offloads IT resources. The challenge has always been whether a company’s applications can take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of these cloud resources,” said Justin Barney, president and CEO of ScaleArc. With ScaleArc software, Azure SQL Database customers can now leverage that agility with increased application uptime and performance.”

The company’s database load balancing software deploys between application and Azure SQL Database database servers and directs the traffic into the database on behalf of the application, therefore enabling applications to leverage underlying database functionality without programming database logic into the app. It also accelerates cloud-native application development since developers no longer need to program database logic into the application

“When partners like ScaleArc enhance their software to support Microsoft Azure SQL Database, our customers gain access to a broader solution set on the platform. ScaleArc makes it easier for our customers to run database workloads on Azure SQL Database, extending the flexibility and simplicity of our platform to more applications,” added Joanne Marone, director, database product marketing at Microsoft Corp.

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