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Serato makes necessary updates to its software


Serato makes necessary updates to its software

Serato creates world leading audio software for professional DJs and musicians. The company announced a new update wherein users can now operate in ‘practice mode’ without controller’s support.

This is the eye-catching update since the product’s release. The company made developments like renaming its products from Serato DJ to Serato DJ Pro and from Serato DJ Intro to Serato DJ Lite. The laptop-only DJ software is getting appreciation all over and the software does not require hardware which can be used when traveling and outside of the studio.

Nick Maclaren, Head of Strategy at Serato, touched on why this upgrade is necessary: “Practice Mode is the ideal prepping tool. DJs can practice blends, set cue points or beat grids, and fine-tune their sets without the hassle of plugging in gear. It’s also great for mixing when you’re on a plane, or on the road. Or, if the worst happens, as a backup replacement for hardware.”

Another update that Serato did was it gave additional 64-bit support which allows Serato DJ Pro to take control of your entire computer’s memory. Maclaren added that this software is a major improvement and it boosts overall stability and performance.

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