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What's up with whatsapp?


What's up with whatsapp?

Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most popular Instant Messaging platform. The application has more than a billion users. Sometimes after you delete something, you regret it right? But that is not going to happen anymore!

Whatsapp released a new app which permits users to redownload deleted items from within the chat. Now your contacts can also know if you are going to change your number and one more thing! You can record voice without holding on to the button.

According to Whatsapp, there will be some more additions like group video calling and sticker support. Via this software four people can converse on the same call. It is speculated that the same feature will be available on Instagram very soon.

Users are waiting for stickers on WhatsApp; many messaging platforms allow users to use innumerable stickers and also download them within the app. Not only that, they also permit you to access third-party stickers.  What is with WhatsApp? Sadly there is no further information from Whatsapp. However, it is probable that these features can be released by the year end.

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