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New Windows SDK to support 64-bit ARM PCs


New Windows SDK to support 64-bit ARM PCs

The Window’s inability to run 64-bit apps on the Snapdragon platform is one of its biggest limitations. Microsoft has promised over and over again to make the support go through fully, but no new updates were announced until now.

The general manger for Windows Erin Chappel said that a software development kit (SDK) for ARM 64 apps will be announced shortly at the Build Developer’s Conference. The new SDK will help developers to natively recompile apps that can run on 64-bit ARM-based PCs. Be it the ASUS NovaGo or any ARM-based PC, this software kit will benefit them.

However, developers should also keep in mind that the high performance of the apps will also depend on the Snapdragon performance. The high performance expected from the 64-bit app will compliment a Snapdragon 835 CPU. The ARM 64 SDK will be available for Store and desktop apps. 

Earlier the support was available for only 32-bit apps. The new support is a welcome one to most developers as it was the standing drawback of Windows on the Snapdragon series. Finally, Microsoft at last appears to making the requiring platform more open and useful.

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