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AT&T's Smart City Solution


AT&T's Smart City Solution

AT&T has created a solution to create smart city by using IoT. Imagine living in a city, where everything is connected to everything. It enables access for people of all ages and abilities. AT&T’s smart city capabilities include energy & utilities, infrastructure, transportation, public safety and citizen engagement. It aims to provide access in all sectors of economic, health, quality of life, education, housing and emergency services.

What AT&T aims to build through its smart city is more than just access. It aims to engage people and help them reinvent themselves. A smart city can connect everything from Wi-Fi hotspots to mass transit to emergency alerts. City planners are looking for safer places for people to live and work. It aims at reducing operational costs by integrating technology and driving innovation. Increasing sustainability and planning of long term growth is its agenda.

City of Ideas

Imagine a smart city with everything smart. Yes, including your transport, traffic signals, street lights, water pipes and almost everything above, below and on the ground. For instance here is smart lighting. A lamp post is equipped with sensors and connectivity which can remotely monitor everything from the air quality to public safety. So while you take a run in the park, you know the air quality surrounding you and the location safety as well. Coming to transportation, smart programs can alert drivers in real time about traffic delay and synchronize lights for emergency vehicles along with suggesting alternative routes. This eases traffic flow and even leads to safer driving.

There are many cities with aging infrastructure. If you’re wondering how a smart city could function here, here is AT&T’s solution. For instance, the maintenance of water pipes is crucial and critical. AT&T initiates on using acoustic sensors through which the exact location of the water leak can be detected. This in turn makes repairs easier and cost effective. AT&T promises that smart cities are very near. The visions built by AT&T show that soon we’ll have smart city popping not just in U.S. but in other countries as well.

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