Alexa Nokia collaborating with Intel and Marvell for ReefShark Chips
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Nokia collaborating with Intel and Marvell for ReefShark Chips


Nokia collaborating with Intel and Marvell for ReefShark Chips

According to the reputed news agency, Reuters, Nokia is agreeing with Intel and to support the ReefShark Chips. ReefShark announced back in 2018, is being used by most of the base stations by several operators. With this collaboration, Nokia wants to accelerate its transition to 5G.

Apart from this, Nokia has also announced a partnership with Marvell. The two companies are developing a new generation of custom system-on-chip (SoC) and processors. Nokia’s differentiated wireless technology with Marvell’s industry-leading multi-core Arm processor platform will be able to reduce size and power consumption. Plus, they increase capacity and overall performance.

The need to include a super silicon design for network equipment remains due to the fact that the digital front end is the interface between the antenna and transceiver and once 5G turns up it will need to do a lot more processing to optimize the signal. The RFIC chip integrates a lot of previously discrete components, almost like the SoC in a smartphone, thus generating efficiencies to support the massively increased scale of 5G.

TommiUitto, president of Nokia Mobile Networks, said: “This important announcement highlights our continued commitment to expanding the variety and utilization of ReefShark chipsets in our portfolio. This ensures that our 5G solutions will deliver best-in-class performance to our customers. As service providers continue to evolve their 5G plans and support growing traffic and new vertical services, the infrastructure and components must evolve rapidly. Adopting the latest advancements in silicon technology is a critical step to better serve our customers’ needs.”

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