Alexa Verizon's startup plan– Visible has unlimited offers!
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Verizon's startup plan– Visible has unlimited offers!


Verizon's startup plan– Visible has unlimited offers!

Verizon has quietly launched Visible, a new startup that offers unlimited data, minutes, and messaging services for just $40. Yes, that’s right, that’s the lowest pricing at $40. If you wish to subscribe to this service, you simply need to download the Visible app and register for it. Once registered, Visible will send you a sim card which you need to install to access 4G LTE network from Verizon.

Visible is an important update from one of the largest telecom giants in the US. By accessing Verizon’s network, you have no limits for streaming videos, sending texts, and making calls. Currently, the Visible service is available on unlocked devices only and only to iPhone users.

Also, the subscriptions for Visible are invitation only. Those who wish to subscribe need to get an invitation from a Visible member. Visible also promises that there will be no increment at the end of the month. You can pay through various Internet-based payment services like PayPal and so on.

In fact, the startup has been slowly building for a year or so now with Verizon’s support. “There’s a core group of people from the strategy side. There’s a core group of five or ten people who came up with the idea,” says Minjae Ormes, head of marketing at Visible. However, the details of how much aid Visible received from Verizon are not clear yet.

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