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Whatsapp introduces more updates for Android beta version


Whatsapp introduces more updates for Android beta version

We all know that social media is in boom now and we are also aware about the constant changes being made in Facebook, Whatsapp. Now, there is alarming news to all Whatsapp users! Open your eyes and see the details of what new features Whatsapp brings to you!

Wake up whatsapp users! The new Beta version of Whatsapp has many updates! well, we will unveil the updates to you here…

According to Teknopolis, a technology website the new package introduced will take 2.17.375 less space when installing and downloading. Now it decreased approximately 6 MB in size due to elimination of 20 libraries that were included in the versions above.  

And hold on! Another change is that your friends will be notified if you change your phone number. This feature will work every time you change your whatsapp number. In addition to these two major updates, the company has also modified 473 files correcting several minor errors.

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