While the world tourism suffered, Maldives gained in the tourism business

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While the world tourism suffered, Maldives gained in the tourism business

While the pandemic has negatively hit the tourism business, Maldives opened itself for tourism just after the COVID wave subsided. The Maldives comprises a group of islands located in the Indian Ocean. It is practically synonymous with tourism due to its location. It usually sees around 1.7 million visitors per year. In 2020, it shrank down to about 500,000. Despite the significant decrease, it emerged as one of the most successful tourism spots amid the pandemic.

While many popular destinations closed for the tourists, Maldives decided to restart its business as the location of isolated private beaches allowed for social distancing. Many hotels and resorts have their private islands, which makes isolation and social distancing easy. Also, economically, tourism contributes about 28% of the Maldives' GDP. Many countries in Asia and the Pacific are still concerned regarding the reopening of tourism at full pace.

"Our biggest advantage is the unique geographical features of Maldives. We promoted the destination as a safe haven to the tourists. The implementation of strict hygiene protocols combined with the ease of spreading people on different islands made a compelling combination for travelers who wanted to get away from it all," said Thoyyib Mohamed, the managing director of Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation, the country's national tourism authority. The Maldives designed a monthly tourist package to facilitate the tourism business that allows families to stay for a full month. The package includes meals, internet, space for physical activities for a price starting from$42,600 for a family of four.

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