Alexa Ikea's smart window blinds to hit the U.S. in April
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Ikea's smart window blinds to hit the U.S. in April


Ikea's smart window blinds to hit the U.S. in April

Two versions of Ikea’s smart blinds are up for sale on the company’s website in Europe, and the same will be launched in the U.S. on April 1st, the company confirmed. Ikea will only carry the blackout model, called Fyrtur, in the United States. The non-blackout model Kadrilj will be sold exclusively in Europe. 

Ikea’s smart shades system is powered by a USB-rechargeable battery pack and can be controlled wirelessly to filter incoming light or prevent outside glare, depending on the activity in the room. Also, with the help of Ikea’s TRÅDFRI Gateway and App, blinds can be raised or lowered for/at the desired time.

The smart blinds (upcoming) will also come bundled with support for Alexa, Home, and Google Assistant control and integration, the company announced. Furthermore, Ikea also integrated its TRÅDFRI smart lights and smart plugs to blinds, which can be controlled using the same app. The app can communicate with the shades to dim or brighten lights, according to the time of the day.

Internet-controlled automated shades or smart blinds are usually high-priced and this makes them a tough smart home upgrade to swallow. Even though Ikea’s official pricing in the U.S. is still unannounced, any affordable competition would help broaden the company’s foray into the smart home IoT industry. The company priced its Fyrtur blackout shades between $113 and $181 in Europe.

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