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Logitech's New Craft Keyboard Has a Giant Creative Input Dial


Logitech's New Craft Keyboard Has a Giant Creative Input Dial

Logitech’s Craft wireless keyboard has an extra button, which they call it the “creative input dial”. It is an over-sized or a giant button at the top left-hand corner of the keyboard that lets you interact with the computer in a more sophisticated way.

Craft’s new button, the dial, can be operated in three ‘T’ different ways: the touch, tap, and turn. The creative input dial maps to the app you’re using including its specific functions in order to facilitate easy working. The touch-tap-turn featured dial helps us to interact with the programs and applications on screen in a different and creative ways, and a few to list are: adjust brightness in Adobe Photoshop, edit images in Adobe Lightroom, enlarge text and choose fonts with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, instantly create charts in Microsoft Excel, adjust stroke weight in Adobe Illustrator and more.

In addition to this productive amendment comes the backlit keypad area which senses the environment and adjusts lighting suitably. The keys light-up the moment your hands approach.

“It’s important to have a tool that allows you to focus on your work”, says, the Visual Artist, Pawel Nolbert, appreciating the efforts Logitech takes to build highly useful IoT products like the Craft keyboard with a dial that does everything. This physical button’s design is simple and streamlined enough that it requires less or no attention to operate, keeping your eyes glued to the screen – on the work, instead.

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