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Plan group trips on Skype with new TripAdvisor and StubHub add-ins


Plan group trips on Skype with new TripAdvisor and StubHub add-ins

TripAdvisor and Skype have teamed up. So let’s say you’re planning a trip with your buddies. You can now share and send travel plans and tips from TripAdvisor right inside the Skype app. Additionally, Skype has also teamed up with StubHub, which is a platform to get sports and concert tickets and you can also browse and share events.

There are still many who use Skype to make video calls and chat with friends and family. So, if you’re planning a trip, you don’t need to download any additional apps like TripAdvisor. Instead, you can simply you can just send and receive travel plans and tickets through Skype.

The Add-ins

The add-in feature is being rolled out on Mac and Windows 10, as well as in the latest versions of iOS and Android apps. In order to activate the add-ins, you need to press the plus sign button and select them from a list of options. Once you’ve selected the TripAdvisor add-in, you can pick out hotels, restaurants, and other destinations to share in a chat.

Now if you’ve selected the StubHub add-in, you can search for sports and music events, dates, or locations from within Skype, and share all of that information with your Skype contacts. Also, the information that you share will automatically populate with photos and prices.

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