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Cold weather shivers Sony 1000X M3 headphones


Cold weather shivers Sony 1000X M3 headphones

When it comes to sound systems, there’s nothing like what Sony delivers. The Sony 1000X M3 headphones are a definition of being an amazing product with their excellent noise-cancellation features. The headphones are not just comfortable, but also do a great job in delivering pleasant sound.

But come winter, the headphones are behaving quite unnaturally. It looks like the IoT gadget simply cannot handle the cold weather. The aforementioned pleasant sound is often ruined with interruptions when the mercury level dips. With winter setting in, most of the M3 models are functioning erratically. It’s been noticed that Siri (or any other voice assistant) is randomly activated to interrupt the ongoing track.

The Sony 1000X M3 has replaced the physical buttons with tap and swipe gestures located on the right cup exterior to control volume and change tracks. In this case, the touch buttons and volume levels fluctuate for no reason and completely on its own. Even when the user isn’t controlling the volume (or hands are nowhere close to the sensors), sound fluctuations keep happening.

However, the headphones understand your command when you actually command it. If the user actually taps on the sensors, the headphones obey him. But yet, the $350 priced headphones are receiving additional and false commands from elsewhere, right at the onset of winter!

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