Alexa Pitney Bowes systems' hit by a ransomware attack
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Pitney Bowes systems' hit by a ransomware attack

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Pitney Bowes systems' hit by a ransomware attack

In a system update, the global shipping firm Pitney Bowes has announced that it has been affected by a ransomware attack. The cybersecurity incident caused the information on some systems to be encrypted and it also caused disruption to their services.

The company has said that it has found no evidence of improper access of any customer or employee data. Pitney Bowes is currently working with third party security experts to get its affected systems back online.

The company wrote on its website: “We are considering all options to expedite this process and we appreciate our customers’ patience as we work toward a resolution.”

Clients are still unable to refill postage or upload their transactions on their mailing machine. Pitney Bowes Supplies web store and Your Account cannot be accessed. SendPro Online too remains unavailable in the UK and Canada.

Some of the systems are still in working state though. The mailing machines can still print indicia, SendPro C and P devices are able to print out shipping labels. Other services like SendPro Enterprise, SendSuite Express, SendSuite Tracking Online (SSTO), SendSuite Live, and Relay Hub are all operational currently.

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