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Computer glasses can be one of the reasons for your healthy lifestyle


Computer glasses can be one of the reasons for your healthy lifestyle

Seldom of us are home makers, we all work and sit in front of monitors for almost the entire day. The blue light radiated from PC screens can lead to eye weakness. The only option is to reduce blue lights coming from screen… so here is what monitor manufacturers came up with!

Monitor manufacturers rolled out new screens with new technology but that didn’t come long way. This is when computer glasses made a mark, with this innovation there was a pleasant viewing experience.

If you are wearing computer glasses and set your monitor correctly then your eyes can be stress free. This can be achieved through special lenses which has an anti-reflective coating, a tint or other form of blue light filter, as well as protection against water, oil, and dust to combat any particles that may hit the lens. This technology is beneficial for healthcare industry.

Well, these glasses will not save you from getting affected completely, but it is helpful to some regard. You should not eliminate blue light completely because, it can help in stimulating the body during the day; it is similar to the UV radiation from the sun wherein limited amount is good but excess can be harmful.

Many are insisting to buy HyperX, Gunnar and many others like this who make computer glasses but, many monitor vendors are introducing screens with technologies included aiding in combating eye strain.


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