Alexa Microsoft partners up with Walgreens to transform healthcare
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Microsoft partners up with Walgreens to transform healthcare


Microsoft partners up with Walgreens to transform healthcare

Microsoft is entering into a partnership with the American pharma-retail giant Walgreens to innovate in healthcare delivery models, technology and retail. The partnership will see extensive collaboration between the companies where Microsoft’s tech expertise and Walgreens’ experience in pharma-retail will help push healthcare to a new high.

The companies will combine the power of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud and AI platform, healthcare investments, and new retail solutions with WBA’s customer reach, convenient locations, outpatient health care services and industry expertise to make health care delivery more personal, affordable and accessible for people around the world,” said Microsoft on its website.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella speaking on the collaboration voiced the need for such partnerships and said that these will play an important part in lowering the cost of care in the coming future. He further said that the partnership between the tech companies and health care is the only way this will happen. Both the companies have committed themselves to “multiyear research and development” which will see them working on building healthcare solutions, improve health outcomes and lower the overall cost of care.

Last year, Amazon made its early strides into the healthcare industry with few announcements, acquisitions, and partnerships. With the looming partnership between Microsoft and Walgreens, Amazon will be wary.

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