Withings has new offerings just in time for CES 2019


Withings has new offerings just in time for CES 2019

Withings will be showcasing its newest range of wearables at the CES event being held at Las Vegas. Most promising of its offerings is Move ECG.

Move ECG

Apple had recently launched its Apple Watch Series 4 with the capability of measuring ECG on demand. Thus, bringing a very important measuring capability associated with healthcare for the general public. Well, Withings has come out with its own take on offering ECG in smart watches. The Move ECG is quintessentially the only analog watch that is capable of recording an electrocardiogram (ECG) on demand.

The watch has three electrodes, two on the back and one on the bezel. A user can touch both sides of the bezel to take his/her measurement. The reading takes about 30 seconds. The device will also be able to track users’ activity levels and steps. In addition, the watch can also monitor sleep cycles. The Move ECG will be available soon and will be placed at an attractive price of just $130.

The Move

Withings will also be launching The Move that will come without the additional ECG technology. Apart from the ECG technology, the watch will offer all other features. This offering will be aggressively priced at just $69.95. But with The Move, you can also choose the dial, the face of the watch, the wristband and also the type of glass.



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