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September Edition 2021

5 Hottest Health Tech Solution Provider 2021

5 Hottest Health Tech Solution Provider 2021

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Opear MD

Michael Demetriou
Founder & CEO
Opear's app connects patients to house call and telehealth providers in their neighborhood. By cutting out the wait time in crowded clinics, Opear is working to reduce the spread of germs while fostering more personal doctor-patient relationships.


Stavros Athanasiou
Medgate is a leading international provider of telemedicine, with operations in Switzerland, the Middle East and the Philippines. It has forged partnerships with global organizations such as Swisscom, Mubadala and Aetna to bring its brand of telemedicine to the world.


Scott Taylor
Founding Principal & CEO
SRX's technology integrates all the complex data with diverse pharmacy spend practice areas to simplify pharmacy management. Its expert advisors work with skilled nursing and LTC facilities to establish formularies that create rules that govern prescriptions with real-time alerts.

Iodine Software

William Chan
Co-Founder & CEO
Iodine Software is a healthcare AI company that has pioneered a new machine learning approach — Cognitive Emulation™ — to help healthcare finance leaders build resilient organizations. F


Cheryl Morrison Deutsch, President & CEO Zillion is a leading health technology company whose solutions emphasize modifying behavior whereby providing the right nudge at the right time to assist individuals in forming a new healthy lifestyle.

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