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Facebook to introduce Creator Studio Mobile App


Facebook to introduce Creator Studio Mobile App

Facebook is launching a mobile app from its Creator Studio for both iOS and Android Platforms, the app helps users in managing page content and monitoring performance.

Earlier in 2018, Facebook had launched an insights dashboard for creators and publishers and now the same is available as a mobile app. The app helps users in tracking how well their content is performing across their Facebook Pages, and it also has other features like - publishing, scheduling and making adjustments to posts, etc.

The announcement came from Facebook’s Director of Entertainment for Northern Europe, Anna Higgs, who shared the stage with a major creator Ladbaby at a VidCon event in London to reveal the new app’s launch.

The app will be handy for the creators and publishers in a variety of ways because of its metrics and insights section. Through the app, users can monitor their page, post-level insights, retention, and distribution metrics and thus formulate their strategies accordingly. For instance, they’ll have performance metrics like “1-minute views,” “3-second views” and “avg. minutes viewed,” etc.

The mobile companion can also be used for viewing published posts as well as for scheduled posts. This allows creators to seamlessly make adjustments like editing their content titles and descriptions. The same app can also be used for deleting or expiring posts or for rescheduling posts. But, the Creator Studio app cannot be considered as a replacement for the shuttered Creator app as it lacks several notable features, particularly the inability to upload and post new content.

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