Moment's development on Android version comes to a halt


Moment's development on Android version comes to a halt

Moment, the photography app development company, recently announced that it has stopped working on updating the Android version of its app. The decision by the company came after two years of work on developing the Android app.

The reason stated by the company, behind calling off the development of its Android app, is mainly the wide variety of Android phones. Too many flavors of Android phones are making the app development task nearly impossible.

About the challenges faced during app development for Android version, Moment said: “The short is that phone makers like to create their flavor of Android, each with different amounts of access to select camera features.” It further stated that things get even harder each time a new Android version is released.

To make the app development process simpler, Moment has asked the phone manufacturers to make certain device features available to its devices and share such newly introduced changes with them. But unfortunately, that didn’t work out either.

However, the app will remain in Google Play but won’t receive updates anymore. Also, Moment recommends its users to consider Filmic Pro as an alternative to the app.

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