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Bid goodbye to Apple networking


Bid goodbye to Apple networking

There is a bad news for all Apple fans; you will be surprised to know Apple will stop selling its Wi-Fi routers, the Airport Express and AirPort Extreme, and wireless backup AirPort Time Capsule devices. But you should not be surprised about this networking news, back in 2016; Apple eliminated developing its networking hardware.

The devices are available only until the old stock lasts and there are no discounts on them. The price remains to be the same. It’s still selling AirPort Express for $99, AirPort Extreme for $199, 2TB AirPort Time Capsules for $299 and 3TB AirPort Time Capsules for $399. You may find better deals at Apple resellers.

The AirPort Express and AirPort Extreme helped you to network old printers, add network drivers and attach speakers.   

To be honest, there are innumerable Wi-Fi enabled printers, and network- attached storage drives but it is hard to find speakers that support Apple’s new audio standard, AirPlay2.

Apple expert Glenn Fleishman of Macworld, reported, “Apple’s Wi-Fi hardware has a long-term reputation for not having the same staying power as most of its other gear, often because of failing power-supply components.”

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