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Make way! Driverless Domino's Pizza coming through


Make way! Driverless Domino's Pizza coming through

Domino’s has something new to offer, no, it’s not a new range of toppings! This is all about how your pizza is delivered. In a partnership with Nuro, a self-driving startup, Domino’s will not be delivering your pizzas in a driverless vehicle, starting with Houston, Texas. Nuro’s custom-built robot cars will be delivering pizzas to selected residents in Houston.

Nuro joins the elite league of the very few driverless vehicle fleets that are actually running on the road. For the delivery, the R1 vehicle will be used and Nuro says soon the R2 vehicles will be coming soon. The vehicles are designed to be sleek and compact, clearly indicating that there’s no room for human drivers or passengers.

When Nuro sends out its unmanned vehicle, generally there’s another person following the test drive. Nuro says this might also not be necessary soon. Domino’s too has tried and tested other driverless deliveries to reach a person’s home. In Michigan, Domino’s tested a partnership with Ford for driverless delivery. The new partnership means the pizza company is keen on making the new delivery method more viable.

In fact, this type of autonomous vehicles is becoming increasingly popular for retail deliveries. Groceries and food deliveries with autonomous vehicles are working better for these companies.

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