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Target's same-day delivery is here!


Target's same-day delivery is here!

Customers in the U.S. have a new retailer delivering your goods to you on the same-day you order. Target joins the league of delivering orders the same day. Announced on the company website, Target says that there’s an option of same day delivery for customers who order for more than $35 and a delivery fee of $9.99. Shipt members have the same day delivery free of additional cost.

It’s obvious that Target is competing with other retail giants like Amazon and Walmart. Shipt is Target’s delivery partner and there’s a special offer for members who sign up for Shipt that costs $99 for a year. In fact, Target owes much of the new service to Shipt, which it acquired two years ago. With Shipt membership, customers who order below $35 will need to pay a delivery fee of $7.

Since you can avail the offer of same-day delivery directly on Target’s website, the customers also have the benefit of using their REDCards. REDCards allows the customers to make use of advertisements promoting locally. For now, Target has announced that the same day delivery service is out in “all major metro areas and throughout most of the country.” But there are still a few places where the service isn’t available.

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