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Nest gives you more security with added features


Nest gives you more security with added features

Recently, The Nest Hello video doorbell and the Nest x Yale lock was released. The company made additional inclusion- “Nest Temperature Sensor”. According to this new addition, users can choose nest app for iOS or android and can talk to the people outside without opening the door.

x Yale Lock is a tamper proof, key-free deadbolt which connects with the Nest app where users can lock and unlock their door from any place. The Temperature Sensor along with Nest’s smart thermostats will take control of the temperature of the area in the device’s vicinity.

The Hello doorbell is available for US$ 229 at Best Buy, Home Depot and Lowe’s and The Nest x Yale lock is available for $ 279 along with Nest Connect which connects to the home’s WiFi system.

Added features

The Nest Hello is installed with HD camera which gives you a 160- degree view with 4.3 aspect ratio, HDR imaging and night vision. The listen feature and HD talk helps the owners respond when they are elsewhere. The doorbell is equipped with inbuilt prerecorded responses.

Owners will always be notified if anyone is outside their door without even outsider ringing the bell and they can check video history too. Nest suggests professional installation.

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