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Home technology security ring's security system now available to pre-order

Ring's security system now available to pre-order


Ring's security system now available to pre-order

Ring has announced that its much-awaited Ring Protect is now available to pre-order. Ring’s base level security system starts at only $199. The DIY security system includes a keyboard that is for arming and disarming the system, one door/window sensor, a motion detector and a range extender.

Compared to the existing systems out there Amazon-owned Ring is offering an affordable option. The Ring Protect, priced at $199 it starts at half the price of its closest competitor Nest Secure System.

The system can be installed without any professional help. Ring Protect can combine with Ring’s other products such as Ring doorbell and spotlight cameras. With an optional $10 a month subscription fee, owners of Ring Protect can avail round-the-clock professional monitoring, cellular data backup, and unlimited video storage.  You can control or monitor your setup with the Ring app, though you can set and disarm the system using the keypad if you’re away from your phone.

Ring had showcased its DIY home security system as Ring Protect in November 2017. Earlier this year the company was acquired by Amazon. Having fought a long lawsuit, Ring has finally been able to put its home security system for sale.

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