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Firefox Focus now comes with enhanced privacy settings


Firefox Focus now comes with enhanced privacy settings

Firefox Focus has come out with its next iteration that has something to offer for both iOS and Android users. The browsing software was created for an exclusive tracking-free browsing experience while navigating the web. But it did not come with the option to block the cookies before today.

Starting today, the Firefox Focus will now offer Enhanced Tracking Protection that will allow users to block all cookies on a website that they visit. But you can still avail the normal- default mode of the browser that allows third-party cookies which contribute to the user experience. Even in this default mode, the trackers will not be able to track across multiple sites.

You may experience that some of the sites do not work properly once you disallow the cookies but with just 2 clicks that can be rectified by adding the website to the “allowlist”. This unblocks the cookies and trackers for the current page visit.

For the iOS users, Firefox Focus has announced that it now supports search suggestions which will make their web browsing convenient. “You can easily activate the feature by opening the app settings > click on Search > and select ‘Get search suggestions’” Firefox announced. The feature was already introduced for Android users back in October.

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