Now it is easy to learn coding via Grasshopper app


Now it is easy to learn coding via Grasshopper app

Google released a new application for beginners on their smartphones -Grasshopper app which is a new learn-to-code app. Coding these days is a necessity skill to be known and Google wants everyone to learn it even when life gets busy.

Google mentions in a blog post that it has put this software to aid all the folks to learn coding as a fun and make it easier. The Grasshopper application is available on both iOS and android phone; Tech Crunch says this application was created to get coders excellent at it by learning basics and core concepts. By this, they can take further steps in their coding education.

Through this app, you can learn several courses beginning with “The Fundamentals” where users can get educated on how coding works. 

Area 120, a workshop for Google's experimental products released innovations like “Advr” which is an advertising format for virtual reality; personal stylist “Tailor”; emoji messenger “Supersonic”; a job-matching service in Bangladesh, a booking tool called “Appointments”; and the YouTube co-watching app “UpTime”.

Through Grasshopper application, users can learn two more courses which teach to draw shapes using D3 library and create complicated functions using D3.

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