Alexa Microsoft's new Edge chromium browser is out
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Microsoft's new Edge chromium browser is out


Microsoft's new Edge chromium browser is out

Microsoft is finally introducing its new chromium-based browser called Microsoft Edge in both Windows and macOS. The software giant has been building the app with the help of Google for easier updates and less fragmentation.

Microsoft had earlier made the software available through its preview channels and according to the company, the download count was in millions. Normal ‘Windows’ users can just wait for the Windows Update to automatically load the new browser onto their PC.

Although the whole software is built on the Chromium engine, there are several additional improvements that Microsoft has made. For instance, Microsoft has added certain features like tracking prevention by default and also has about three levels of controls over how things like tracking cookies are being handled.

‘New tabs’ can also be customized in the latest browser with different combinations of favorites and pages that are recently shared, Also now the browser provides a recommendation of certain sites that users might be interested in.

Apart from that, there are several added advantages compared to the previous Edge, especially in terms of compatibility with Chrome-based extensions. Also, certain functionalities are built-in for Microsoft 365 customers who can now search across all their files through the Edge address bar.

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