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Twitter to offer more contexts about unavailable tweets


Twitter to offer more contexts about unavailable tweets

Twitter says it will soon explain its users more about unavailable tweets rather than just presenting a wall of notice “This Tweet is unavailable.”

Within few weeks users can actually start seeing more contexts on each notice about why Tweets are unavailable. There is no public time frame about the availability of this feature, but it is currently being tested with select users on its platform.

These proposed icons and new changes would theoretically make it easier to tell the original poster’s reply apart from the scam accounts. The new changes will also help to make conversations easier to read and can even help to identify fake accounts.

"We are going through the issue and overhauling every place where the product says “This Tweet is unavailable” to be more transparent about the issue concerned. The fact that the unavailable message is showing with a placeholder row is recently changed behavior that is confusing," said, Kayvon Beykpour, Product Lead at Twitter.

Twitter posted that, “This Tweet is unavailable,” is usually seen due to muted keywords or deleted or protected Tweets. Along with changes, Twitter,a social networking software is also experimenting with using profile picture icons to offer more information about replies in Twitter threads.

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