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Walmart and Verizon to introduce 5G in stores

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Walmart and Verizon to introduce 5G in stores

The launch of 5G will surely revolutionize the way industries work and Walmart and Verizon may be the first to take advantage of the technology. As of now, these companies are in discussion to turn Walmart stores into health care centers.

By utilizing faster wireless data, Walmart plans to launch digital health services that the company started recently. This includes in-store video chats with doctors and real-time medical data. The advantage here is that it is also possible to share your medical data with the clinic to auto-register when you arrive at the Walmart store.

Also, this has several other perks like faster connections for the rest of the store and a speedier data link for people in and around the store. For Walmart, this will turn their stores into medical hubs for communities and also provide an additional perk for the customers visiting Walmart.

Whereas for Verizon, this strategy would mean that it can position its 5G services in the biggest retailer in the US thus boosting IT services. Currently, Verizon’s 5G has short range and has trouble penetrating through the walls but the new service is quite fast and has low latency, meaning it is ideal for stores that are looking for speedy responsive data. The move could essentially take broadband out of the picture.

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