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Leviton's new ‘Smart' Load Center connects to the Internet


Leviton's new ‘Smart' Load Center connects to the Internet

Leviton’s new and enhanced version of its Load Center is a ‘smarter’ and safer solution for contractors, builders, and homeowners. This time, Leviton pairs the Load Center with a Smart Circuit Breaker – an integrated Wi-Fi or Ethernet hub that will let you manage your home electrical setup directly from your phone.

Leviton’s system – unlike other products that monitor energy usage in your home – goes an extra mile to integrate smart technology directly into the breaker box and individual circuit breakers. This provides homeowners a deeper understanding of power management in their homes.

Leviton’s smart Load Center doesn’t just connect to a local utility power source to distribute electricity via individual circuits, but it also connects to the internet and the Leviton Cloud via Wi-Fi and your home router. The Smart Circuit breakers installed in the Load Center also connects to the internet via a wireless or Ethernet-connected data hub.

The whole setup works with the existing MyLeviton app for iOS and Android to give users more granular data on energy usage. The new system will allow homeowners to track power consumption on a per-appliance or branch circuit basis, configure alerts for each circuit breaker so as to be notified if, when, and why an individual circuit breaker has tripped. Users can even remotely shut off a circuit breaker from the app.

More details regarding the price or the release date of the product are yet to be announced. And since none of the IoT smart home services are designed to handle anything this complex, Leviton does not provide support for Google Assistant, Alexa, or Apple HomeKit yet.

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