Alexa 5 Best Manufacturing Companies 2021
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July Edition 2021

5 Best Manufacturing Companies 2021

5 Best Manufacturing Companies 2021


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Dr. Tae Yun Kim
CEO & Founder
Having more than 35 years of expertise and innovation in cleanroom monitoring, Filtr wants to bring this wealth of knowledge and information to your home and business spaces.

Fabrisonic LLC

Mark Norfolk
PE, President & CEO
Fabrisonic is a unique 3D metal printing manufacturing company. The company uses an Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM) process to build specialized parts.

RISE Robotics

Arron Acosta
RISE will lead the next revolution, enabling fleets of fully electric, sustainable, and precise heavy machinery to build the world of tomorrow.

Kognitiv Spark

Yan Simard
Kognitiv Spark's mission is to empower workers to achieve more with operational productivity, primarily in industrial manufacturing, aerospace & defence, and energy & utilities. The company believes in human potential – and that with the power of technology, everyday people can achieve extraordinary things.


Danny Yu
Riven is building the 3D data bridge between people, manufacturing tools and the physical products they produce to make better decisions faster. It fundamentally simplifies the acquisition, analysis and use of 3D data.

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