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Microsoft advisory urges users to avail Windows updates soon


Microsoft advisory urges users to avail Windows updates soon

According to a report, over 7% of all the browser users use the Internet Explorer (IE). But Microsoft in its latest advisory has said that Internet Explorer users are at risk and must update their Windows because it has a serious security vulnerability.

Microsoft in the advisory said that all the supported Windows versions have trouble with this vulnerability. The report said vulnerability could allow remote execution of malicious code because of the way the scripting engine of the IE handles objects in its memory.

The advisory further mentions that the vulnerability could corrupt memory which lets a malicious actor execute arbitrary code on the system. This could give the attacker control of the affected system. “An attacker could then install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights,” said the advisory.

In another scenario, Microsoft described that an attacker could also craft a website to lure the user and exploit the vulnerability with the browser.

To patch the vulnerability, Microsoft has released an emergency patch and is urging its Windows users to avail the update ASAP. The security vulnerability is quite serious and has even prompted the Homeland Security to put out another advisory for the same issue.

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