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Hackers are trickily accessing McDonald's users account


Hackers are trickily accessing McDonald's users account

It is found that McD’s users accounts are hijacked, but it is still not known if only one person is involved in this or more than one.

Canadian users have been constantly complaining about their accounts being accessed by hackers who are maniac. Lately, Patrick O’Rourke, managing editor of Mobile Syrup, was tricked by a similar scam. However, the hacker accessed My McD’s account that was affixed to his Mastercard.

When O’Rourke tried making the transaction, he failed twice. He said that he lost hopes further. McDonald’s in a statement said, “While we are aware that some isolated incidents involving unauthorized purchases have occurred, we are confident in the security of the app.”

The company added, “We do take appropriate measures to keep personal information secure. McDonald’s also does not store credit card information as My McD’s app only holds a ‘token’ with the payment provider to allow purchases.”

This piece by McDonald’s clearly states that great amount of breaches happen when the passwords are not strong enough. Yet, O’Rourke feels that this app made way for hackers to breach people’s accounts probably a security flaw was the reason.

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