Alexa Rebuilt Android app works well for Snap
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Rebuilt Android app works well for Snap


Rebuilt Android app works well for Snap

Snap is snapping its way back! After the Android app was revamped and rebuilt, Snap says that it’s doing much better than in recent years. It’s got numbers to prove it with the first quarter earnings released. Snap now has its daily user base spiked by 4 million people globally, a good growth for the company.

The earnings report also shows that Snap has 190 million daily active users, a number that shot up from 186 million. These are the people who are using the app regularly for the past two quarters. However, when Snap went public in 2017, it had nearly 290 million daily active users, which is still a million people less today.

Snap is back!

The past quarter has been a busy one for the company with many product updates and revamps lined up. On the Android platform, Snap got a major software revamped on the backend side of things, making it faster and avoids bugs for the users. And once the app was upgraded, Snap witnessed 6 percent increase in the number of snaps people sent- within the first week itself.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel announced “that the platform reaches more 13- to 34-year-olds in the US than Instagram.” Now, Snapchat is being accessed by 90 percent of 13-to-24 year olds; also 75 percent of 13-to-34 year olds in the US. It’s clear that the Android revamp has paid off well for the company.

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