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RCS text messaging will be the next best thing by Verizon


RCS text messaging will be the next best thing by Verizon

Early next year, RCS text messaging will have the full support from Verizon. Rich Communication Services is the new thing in the tech world that will soon replace the age-old SMS. All telecom carriers globally are focusing on updating their systems to support the new texting standard, called the Universal Profile.

The technology in RCS is developed to allow texts to seamlessly interoperate between different carriers. Telecom carriers are confident that RCS Chat will certainly replace SMS that supports Universal Profile and Verizon seems to be taking the lead here. At present, there are very few carriers in the States that support RCS.

SMS Replaced

The RCS is Google’s big dream for the next gen of Android texting. The RCS Chat is a promise of a full-featured upgrade from the normal SMS. Features like group chats, media sharing, read receipts, typing indicators, smart replies, etc. And of course, with such strong set features coming in, one expects a full encryption and strong privacy and security as well.

It looks like the SMS will be finally replaced soon. Although a couple of years late, the RCS Chat is the much-needed tech upgrade that the SMS needed. With Verizon stepping up, other carriers maybe joining in soon.

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