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50 Most Innovative Companies to watch 2023

50 Most Innovative Companies to watch 2023

50 Most Innovative Companies to watch 2023

Company Management Description
Banpu Public Company

Mrs. Somruedee Chaimongkol
Banpu Public Company Limited’s purpose in the energy business is to provide ‘energy sustainability’, which they consider crucial to all citizens of every country. They prioritize a balanced approach to energy policy that considers the interplay between energy security, the economy, and society.

Ken Lu
Winmate Inc. is the global leader in developing advanced rugged, mobile technologies for industries operating in the most challenging environments. These include warehouse/ logistics, Infrastructure, Healthcare,Automotive Industry, Marine, Defence, Food & Chemical Industry and industry Automation.

Tom Burke
AtData is a technology-driven provider of email address solutions that help companies take control of their first party email data collection, accelerate revenue growth, minimize the cost of fraud and drive data-oriented business strategies.

Bettina Conze
Founder & Owner
Artefactory's mission is to make breathtakingly beautiful, museum quality and yet affordable sculptures for the outdoors.

Trevor Blake
Founder & CEO
Wedstimate brings wedding planning and innovation together by offering the best experiences for both parties. They prioritize each couple's preferences, understand their needs and wedding expectations, and deliver on their promise of finding them their perfect vendors.
Beyond Limits

AJ Abdallat
Beyond Limits is a pioneering AI company with a unique heritage from the US space program. Founded in 2014 in Glendale, California, the company incorporates 45 proven technologies from Caltech and NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab into advanced AI solutions, hardened to industrial strength. 
Stephen Baker
Kinective’s end-to-end technology solutions connect banks, credit unions, and the entire banking ecosystem in today’s era of digital transformation, enabling secure connectivity and streamlined workflow solutions that drive IT modernization, operational efficiency, and enhanced client experience for financial institutions and banking cores. 

David Wise
Kevin Whitehurst
Co-Founders & Co-CEOs
The foundation of Mindglobal was to make it easier for users to purchase wireless voice minutes. Mindglobal's services have expanded to include a full suite of enterprise software for procurement, asset management, reporting, audit, and a 24x7x365 multi-lingual help desk for both fixed and mobile telecom, as a result of the rapid expansion of wireless technology in the enterprise, the exponential growth of wireless data and smartphone devices, and an ever-increasing need for employee support.

Ted de Vos
Founder & President
SIMNET is the beacon of clarity for those who seek customized, turnkey cloud, security, and managed services. Its mission is to equip organizations with the solutions and services required to accelerate growth while achieving streamlined operations and impenetrable security across their digital transformation journey.
International Payout Systems

Eddie Gonzalez
President & CEO
i-payout's journey began by catering to the Direct Sales and Affiliate Marketing sectors, providing customized commission payout systems for industry giants. Over time, i-payout recognized the increasing need for their solution in various industries, prompting them to expand their offering to cater to global enterprises, including gig economy platforms, marketplaces, eSports tournaments, online tutoring platforms, clinical trials, insurance companies, and beyond.
Massimino Companies

Daniel Joseph Massimino
Chairman & CEO
The team at Massimino Companies believes in creating a world where excellence, innovation, and compassion thrive. As a pioneering global firm, its mission is to transform industries, nurture talent, and make Earth a happier planet.

Enrico Karsten
With Anywhere365 you can leverage your existing Microsoft investments to skyrocket your customer experience, streamline contact center operations and reduce your IT costs. Anywhere365 has become the leading Dialogue Management solution, native to Microsoft Teams.
BTI Communications Group

Eric W. Brackett
Founder and President
BTI Communications Group is leading the innovative charge with its innovative offerings in communications, IT services, cybersecurity, and high-value surveillance systems. Over the years, BTI has been a pioneer in converging voice and data networks and has won accolades from partners and clients. 

Frogames Formación SL

Juan Gabriel Gomila
Frogames Formación, a Mallorcan company directed by Juan Gabriel Gomila that already has more than 500K students from all over the world on its online platform. 
GEO-MIK Consultants Africa

Moses Banduga
Founder & Executive Director
Prof. Samson James OPOLOT
Board Chairperson
Inspired by the vision to use the knowledge of geo-information, GEO-MIK saw the need to document, incubate and innovate the initial business concepts, craft content, templates, scope service and product portfolios. GEO-MIK has evolved from a firm, to a limited liability company and realigns their product and service portfolios to the emerging domestic and foreign markets.
Prepay Nation

Paolo Montessori
Prepay Nation offers a prepaid product marketplace through its technology hub and global network of mobile operators, digital and retail merchants and distribution partners, making worldwide mobile and e-commerce transactions accessible and seamless, and leveling the playing field for unbanked and underbanked communities to participate in the digital lifestyle.
Blue Spark Energy

Marci Hamilton
Blue Spark Energy Inc. is a leader in high-pulsed power wellbore remediation on an international scale, providing a safe, cost-effective, and efficient solution for companies who share its vision of an innovative and environmentally sustainable oil & gas industry.
Run Right Business Consulting

Crystal Shanks
Certified Business Coach & CEO
Run Right Business coaching program is personalized for each business owner or executive and is focused on the core needs of its clients such as marketing, sales, delivery, team, operations, leadership, financial mastery, career advancement and mindset. What you can expect is a proven process designed to produce tangible results whether that is increased profit, more clients or hiring and training your team.
Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies

Jay Vuppalapati
General Manager & Global Head
Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies Inc. is World’s leading company with innovative products in Agriculture Analytics, Dairy Analytics, Specialty Crops Analytics, Wearable Veterinary Sensor (CLASS 10) for Animal Husbandry, and Data Analytics (DnA) platform exclusively built for Farmers across the World.

Sai Sangineni
Founder & CEO
TechVedika is a software development and technology consulting firm that specializes in helping companies deploy scalable, modern applications for customers worldwide. They enable organizations to transform and accelerate their growth and revenue. TechVedika consciously tries to have a critical mass of customers working and pioneering cutting-edge, innovative solutions.
Trighton Interactive

Jody Resnick
Founder & CEO
Trighton Interactive is a digital marketing agency that combines talent and technology to help business find and connect with their customers.
IIP Management

Virginia Giraldo
Senior Service Manager
IIP Management has a team of ace property managers and real estate professionals who assist with every aspect of maximizing your real estate ROI. Its aim is to provide classic property ownership and management experience for our clients.
AppTech Payments Corp

Thomas DeRosa
Executive Director of Product & Project Management 
AppTech Payments Corp. was established to be an innovative Fintech company with a mission to provide businesses with a way to deliver a better immersive commerce experience for their customers. They combined technology and financial expertise to set a gold standard for digital financial innovation. 
Q2 Artificial Lift Services

Colin Heidel
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Q2 ALS is a fully integrated company with a network of 32 repair and service locations situated across Canada and the USA. Q2 ALS field locations are supported by a world class manufacturing facility (API and ISO Certified) plus a highly skilled engineering and optimization group.
Alpida Pharmacy

Will Wassef
Alpida Pharmacy is a family owned and operated company, providing services that are specialized for residential and assisted living facilities of all sizes, providing specialty medication, hospices and more. One of the exceptional benefits of Alpida Pharmacy is their clinical pharmacists that are available at all times for medication reviews and in-services.
Proteum Energy

Larry Tree
Co-Founder & CEO
Proteum Energy is a company that is aware of the challenges we face with global warming. They have a mission to produce renewable, clean hydrogen. By leveraging known technology with proprietary reformation control, many of the challenges of producing renewable, clean hydrogen are solved at affordable rates.

Hooman Shahidi
President, Co-founder & CEO
EVPassport is the EV Charging hardware and software platform for purpose-driven organizations. Brands committed to sustainability rely on EVPassport to provide their customers with the most seamless payment experience to charge any electric vehicle without requiring a separate app, account or a top-up balance.
I-ON Digital Corp

Carlos X. Montoya
Chairman & CEO
I-ON Digital Corp will be a leader in designing, developing, and deploying fully-compliant, institutional-level ecosystems that are poised to fuel the next generation of Defi banking, asset digitization, and secure healthcare data.
Forum Health Enterprises

Phil Hagerman
Chairman & CEO
Forum Health providers practice functional and integrative medicine, that means focusing on the root cause of symptoms by getting to know each patient and using advanced diagnostic testing to determine imbalances or issues – testing conventional doctors often don’t offer. The team believes that until you address the underlying issue, you cannot truly heal.
Disrupt Equity

Feras Moussa 
Ben Suttles
Managing Partners
Disrupt Equity is a Houston-based, forward-thinking real estate investment firm founded by visionary leaders Feras Moussa and Ben Suttles in 2017 have reshaped the industry by harnessing technology, empowering retail investors, promoting transparency, providing education, and focusing on professional property management, and adapting to ever-changing market conditions.

Daniel Mikus
Commercial Director
James Rolph
Operational Director
Jessica Rolph
Administration Manager
MR Roads makes pulling off dream projects just par for the course. It’s the team you can count on for seamless project delivery that makes your success look and feel effortless. The ultimate partner for anything from driveway construction to infrastructure projects.
Covenant Technologies

Casey Marquette
Make Covenant Technologies the only choice for your IT and cybersecurity recruitment needs. The company has the experts, the accountability, and the commitment to deliver quality candidates at the forefront of the cybersecurity and IT industry.
Spice Logistics LLC

Shane Sinnemon
Spice Logistics takes pride in being a customer service company that utilizes logistics as its essential highway. What sets us apart is its unique approach — it doesn't employ traditional salespeople. Instead, its growth has been fueled by the trust and satisfaction of its customers.
VinTech Nano Materials

Rustom K. Mody
VinTech Nano Materials is a nanotechnology manufacturer of specialty lubricants, chemicals, protective coatings and cutting tools. The patented multi-functional products improve material performance and maximize customer productivity and profit with safe, competitively priced, nano-engineered solutions.
Clear Sky Advisers LLC.

Shawn Singh

General Counsel & CEO

Clear Sky Advisers is an investment manager dedicated to investing and acting sustainably, with no conflicts from fossil fuel or energy mandates.

WaveStrong, Inc.

Harpreet Walia
Founder & CEO
WaveStrong not only secures its customer's data and information, it also provides smart solutions and effective strategies to help its customers establish strong cybersecurity, to help identify and deal with risks and threats to their business.

Asparuh Koev
Founder & CEO
As a state-of-the-art AI platform developed exclusively for the Supply Chain, Transmetrics optimizes transport planning by leveraging the power of predictive analytics and machine learning.

Mark Ravanesi
TrueAccord is the leader in digital collections. By focusing on great user experiences, TrueAccord provides businesses with superior debt collection results. Its machine learning platform adapts to consumer behavior with personalized and empathetic communications to deliver the right payment option at the right time and channel.

Chirag Shah
Executive Chairman
Simfoni provides Spend Analytics, eSourcing, and Tail Spend Management solutions to leading global enterprises. The Simfoni platform utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to accelerate and automate key aspects of the procurement process, saving customers time and money and paving the way toward supply chain sustainability.
Arundo Analytics

Martin Lundqvist
Arundo delivers tailored, scalable, advanced analytics solutions to meet our customers’ business needs for increased market differentiation, sustainability and greater efficiency

Jacek Blaut
Mateusz Calik
Managing Partners
Delante is an international SEO/SEM Agency located in Poland. It helps companies all over the world to increase the visibility of their websites on the internet and increase the conversion rate through customized on-site and off-site optimization.
Arrcus, Inc.

Shekar Ayyar
Chairman & CEO
Arrcus' mission is to democratize networking by providing the best-in-class software with the most flexible consumption model at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).
Aera Technology

Frederic Laluyaux
President & CEO
Aera Technology is the Decision Intelligence company that transforms how enterprises make and execute decisions.
Arrowhead Consulting

Kris Reynolds
Managing Partner & CEO
Arrowhead Consulting Services (ACS) is a management consulting firm and leading advisor on project management and business strategy. Our mission is to guide companies through the process of successful strategic change.
NuHarbor Security

Justin Fimlaid
Founder & CEO
NuHarbor Security is a leading national cybersecurity services firm, supporting the diverse needs of hundreds of clients with clear, comprehensive, and outcome-based solutions.

Martin Jakobsen
Managing Director
Cybanetix is a leading provider of managed Cyber Security Service and hosted SIEM and breach detection services.
Orca Security

Gil Geron
Co-Founder & CEO
Orca Security is the pioneer of agentless cloud security, and is trusted by hundreds of enterprises globally. It is the industry-leading Cloud Security Platform that identifies, prioritizes, and remediates security risks and compliance issues across your cloud estate spanning AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Kubernetes.

Robert Johnston
Co-Founder & CEO
With one license and one platform, its patented technology gives organizations and solution providers everything they need for effective threat hunting, incident response, vulnerability management, darknet exposure monitoring, compliance support and much more.
Traefik Labs

Emile Vauge
Founder & CEO
Traefik Labs helps organizations adopt and scale cloud-native architectures by providing a modern, intuitive, and open platform that reimagines application connectivity and API management, paving the way for seamless operations and enhanced productivity.
Blue Pisces Consulting Inc.

Damion Jones
Founder & CEO
Blue Pisces Consulting Inc. specializes in Transformation Services, Staff Augmentation and Managed Services for Technology teams. With years of experience in strategic planning, business transformation and focused execution, the company is ready to take your business to the next level.

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