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Research says Walmart is leading the US online grocery market


Research says Walmart is leading the US online grocery market

The researchers at Second Measure have looked deep into the online grocery market in the U.S. and they have declared the retail giant Walmart to be the clear winner in the space. What’s more- taking the second place in the U.S. online grocery market is not Amazon but Instacart.

According to this research by Second Measure, Walmart had 62% more customers in June than the next nearest rival. Walmart Grocery customers include users of both its pickup and delivery services. The second-placed Instacart recently ended its longstanding relationship with Whole Foods this May but the company had 23% more customers in June than it did in December.

Second Measure’s analysis showed that Amazon’s old service Amazon Fresh is on the decline while the Amazon Prime Now services were on the rise.

Walmart’s dominance was only dented in the city of New York according to the report where FreshDirect was the dominant player with 31% of the city’s customer base for online grocery. In comparison, Walmart’s share in this space in the city is a mere 2%.

Walmart is due to report its second-quarter earnings on Thursday and experts believe that the Prime Day may have benefitted both Amazon and Walmart.


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