Alexa 5 Hottest Staffing & Recruitment Solution Providers 2021
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September Edition 2021

5 Hottest Staffing & Recruitment Solution Providers 2021

5 Hottest Staffing & Recruitment Solution Providers 2021

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David Alonso
Tracker's vision is to help recruitment and staffing firms grow their businesses by using Tracker to build better relationships and to run their operations more effectively–the end result being the ability to build better relationships and increase growth and profitability.

Barracuda Staffing

Kevin Burr
President & CEO
When you need a good catch, think Barracuda Staffing. The company is your #1 candidate catch source who can take care of all your staffing needs. It specializes in applying a headhunters approach to each individual opening that is specific to your company.


Sameer Penakalapati
CEIPAL provides a SaaS platform that automates both the front- and back-office business operations of staffing companies. CEIPAL offers a complete workforce management platform including a fully integrated applicant tracking system (ATS) and human resource information system (HRIS).

Pivotal Talent Search

Debby Mandeville-Jackson
Bill Jackson
Pivotal Talent Search is a full service search firm serving North America, South America and Europe. The company provides the right candidate at the lowest cost to's that simple.


Matthew Wilson
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Omnipresent makes it fast and easy to employ remote talent in over 150 countries. The company takes care of all the complex administration involved including payroll, benefits, compliance and taxes, so you can focus on growing your business.

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